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Criminal Records Check

Criminal Records Check<br/>(CRC)

Intended for applicants who are involved as a volunteer, employee or in any situation where a basic CRC is requested (i.e., retail or immigration).

Criminal Records Check with VS

Criminal Records Check with VS<br/>(CRC-VS)

Restricted to applicants seeking employment and/or volunteering with vulnerable individuals.

Record Suspension or Pardon

Record Suspension or Pardon<br/><br/>

Information relating to the Parole Board of Canada - Record Suspension.

Please note: If you are seeking a 'Local Police Records Check' as part of the Record Suspension (Pardon) application process, do not use an online police check as it is not appropriate for this purpose.

NOTE - you must be 18 years or older to submit a Vulnerable Sector application.
  Position or Occupation

These are guidelines only.
Saskatoon Police Service will make the final determination which record check is suitable for your position and its job duties.
Check (CRC)
Check w/VS
1. School Teacher or Teaching Assistant (on hire or placement)   Requires CRC-VS
2. Office worker Requires CRC  
3. Social Worker   Requires CRC-VS
4. Daycare Worker   Requires CRC-VS
5. School Bus Driver   Requires CRC-VS
6. Taxi Cab Driver   Requires CRC-VS
7. Retail Worker Requires CRC  
8. Personal Support Worker   Requires CRC-VS
9. Factory Worker Requires CRC  
10. Food Vendor / Food Service Worker Requires CRC  
11. Minor Sporting Coach (incl. team manager, trainer, treasurer, etc.)   Requires CRC-VS
12. Scout Leader   Requires CRC-VS
13. Hospitality (bars, restaurants, hotels) Requires CRC  
14. Tenant for rental property Requires CRC  
15. Youth Worker   Requires CRC-VS
16. Nursing/Retirement Home Worker   Requires CRC-VS
17. School Crossing Guard   Requires CRC-VS
18. Landlord/Superintendent Requires CRC  
19. Security Guard Requires CRC  
20. Bank Teller / Financial Advisor / Insurance Requires CRC  
21. Immigration (Permanent Resident, Sponsorship) Requires CR  
22. Foster Parent   Requires CRC-VS
23. Name Change (Ehealth) Requires CR  
24. Notary Requires CR  
25. Maintenance / Janitorial / Trades Requires CR  
26. IT / Records Management Requires CR  
27. Laundry Service / Housekeeping Requires CR  
  Non-Refundable Fee
All online checks require an additional
$9.95 processing / authentication fee + applicable taxes
Criminal Records Check (CRC)
Criminal Records Check w/VS (CRC-VS)
1. For Employment
  VS - incl. fostering/guardianship
  non-VS - incl. SLGA liquor licensing, dealer licensing, etc.
$45.00 $75.00
2. For Unpaid Student Placement $45.00 $75.00
3. For Volunteer
  (incl. Schools, Churches, Community Associations)
No Charge No Charge
4. For Volunteer Coach
  (Club level coaches, managers, treasurer, trainer, etc.)
5 For Immigration
  (Permanent Resident, Sponsorship)
1. For Name Change
  (eHealth Saskatchewan)
  Estimated Turnaround Times
(while the police service strives to meet these timeframes,
there is no guarantee)
Criminal Records Check (CRC)
Criminal Records Check w/VS (CRC-VS)
1. For Employment 14 calendar days 14 calendar days
2. For Unpaid Student Placement 14 calendar days 14 calendar days
3. For Volunteer 14 calendar days 14 calendar days
4. For Volunteer Coach 14 calendar days
5. For Immigration
  (Permanent Resident, Sponsorship)
14 calendar days
6. For Name Change
  (eHeath Saskatchewan)
14 calendar days